Experience the best waves, wakes and ride firsthand–take a test drive during the Centurion Boats Water Proof tour. The proof is on the water.

There's no substitute for firsthand experience

Every now and then, a story you think you know develops a new plot twist. Find out what’s new in the emerging story of Centurion Boats Ri Series this summer when the Water Proof Tour takes to lakes across North America April 20th through June 30th. Drive, and in some locations, take a ride behind one of our boats. Experience first-hand the difference in our modified Deep-V hull.

Fill Centurion’s industry-leading RAMFILL ballast in less than 45 seconds. Command displacement with QuickSurf Pro moving the wake surfing wave side to side in two seconds while evenly weighted. Have “inside voice” conversations while underway with the new Patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate. Make plans to experience the World’s best waves, wakes and ride. It will be better than a summer novel.

The Ri Series


This is the boat that will wake up your performance, whether you surf or board. Test your own mettle against the Ri217 and you will discover that this model is as much fun to drive as it is to ride behind. Designated Official Towboat of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, it is likely to inspire your own best performance as well. Tell your story, your way, with the Ri217.


You will want to try the Ri237 if your passion is surfing. This 24-foot beauty offers big waves and a soft ride. Easy to drive, you will find the Patented SxS HD Touch Vision Dash System intuitive for controlling all the boat systems. Fill the seats with 15 of your closest friends and see how smoothly the Ri237 handles the load. Then spread the word because you won’t be able to stop talking about it.


If you like tall tales and big water, the Ri257 has your number. Modestly dubbed the world’s best surfing boat, we like to think this 26-footer will simply take your breath away. Its flexible seating configurations, maximum water displacement hull design, 5500 pounds of available factory ballast and the available QuickSurf Pro system will dazzle you. It’s not really a tall tale if you are accurately describing the next big thing, after all.

Locate the dealer nearest you for tour dates

Corn FestFriday, August 17 at Lance ParkTwin Lakes, Wisconsin (just 15 minutes from Lake Geneva).Centurion & Supreme boat demos continue Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th.Contact Todd at Twin Lakes Marine todd@twinlakesmarine.com about your demo ride today!

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