The sweet surf spectrum, winner of the wesa leadership award, was showcased at the boat show.

Centurion Wins WSIA Innovation Award for 26 Foot Wave

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO (March 2, 2019) – Last night, Centurion Boats was awarded a Watersports Innovation Award by the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) for the Fi25 Sweet Surf Spectrum 26-Foot Wave at the WSIA Summit in Steamboat, Colorado on March 1st.

The WSIA Summit hosts more than 200 attendees and celebrates achievements with awards across the towed water sports industry on both the retail and manufacturer levels. The Watersports Innovation Awards recognizes industry leaders and their products that have push the towed water sports marketplace to new heights over the past year. Products from various facets of the industry were awarded for the year of 2018.

Centurion & Supreme President, Paul Singer, stated, “Our Product Design and Development team was excited to release the Fi25 this model year especially because of the long powerful wave it creates with the Opti-V Hull. It is neat to be able to provide riders around the world a wave that has a “sweet spot” across the entire wave! Surfers can enjoy their ride no matter where they are behind the boat, including more than 26 feet back.”

The Centurion Fi25, introduced in July 2018 for the 2019 model year, creates a Sweet Surf Spectrum with a wave more than 26-feet long. This unique benefit is thanks to a 7-location ballast system that is equally distributed throughout the boat to displace the Fi25’s entire hull at surf speeds. This innovative system allows the boat to ride level from side to side and the equal distribution of ballast front to back eliminates bow rise. Passengers as well as the boat’s driver are almost as happy in the boat as the rider shredding the wave behind.

The surfer benefits from the 7-position ballast layout with a total of 5050 pounds of displacement that weights the entire hull, rather than just the back quarter of the boat. This Centurion feature allows the entire hull to displace more water, which intern creates a wave slightly longer than the running surface of the boat with power from the curl all the way to swim platform. While most wake surf boats have a “sweet spot” Centurion boats and specifically the Fi25 offers a spectrum of push along its entire 26-foot wave. The 2019 Centurion Fi25 provides a Sweet Surf Spectrum with a 26-foot wave.

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